User benefits

  • Reflecting using opinions and experiences described by executives of other companies.
  • Obtaining a pluralistic view from the plurality of subjects, sectors and geographical areas of the speakers.
  • For non-native english speakers: Strengthening Business English language.

What are they

  • Experiences of General Managers and Presidents, CFOs, IT Managers and Commercial Managers.
  • They have all led a specific successful process and give us the keys to success and the main difficulties encountered by them and how they resolved them.
  • The videos are accompanied by text tabs with Key Ideas / Questions for Reflection / Possible Actions to Undertake.


  • In training portals as a reference and development tool.
  • In Coffee Sessions (ask us for more information).
  • As a reinforcement element in training programmes.
  • In Newsletters.


  • More than 4,000 titles.
  • English with subtitles in Spanish and other languages.
  • Duration between 3 and 7 minutes.
  • Multi-applications support (PC, iPad, Android phones, iPhone, etc.).
  • Annual licences based on users and titles.