User benefits

  • Having a quick overview of the key ideas in a book without having to read it in full.
  • Getting ideas for business.
  • Making better use of time.


  • Individualized reading, self-reflection.
  • As a complement to a training activity, before or after the activity.
  • As a forum for internal debate.
  • As resources in executives portals and employees' intranet.
  • In Newsletters.

What are they

  • Summaries of published books where the main ideas are reflected.
  • Summaries that synthesize in about ten pages the main ideas in the book, with an initial synthesis and written in an enjoyable style.


  • More than 400 titles.
  • Different Management issues.
  • In Spanish and English.
  • Annual licenses. Prices per volume of users and titles.
  • A new content every fortnight.
  • PDF format.