This is an itinerary/Goose type game where the player needs to land on a final field by answering each of the questions he lands on correctly while moving forward after rolling the die.


It is used in product knowledge training (launches, cycle review meetings), in values and skills, in welcome plans, etc. Also for customers (marketing) regarding sports, or others, sponsored by the company.


  • Individual or in teams. The team only qualifies if every player completes the game (it is fellow players themselves who motivate those not participating).
  • It contains game variables such as benefit and hazard fields, getting wildcards (to change a question), determining whether answering incorrectly allows to continue travelling along the game board or whether it launches another question, option of losing points and how many, etc.
  • There is a question bag. The ones answered correctly are discarded and will not come up again. The ones missed go back to the bag.
  • Game duration is short (15-30 minutes) and it is played in one go.
  • It allows questions to have images, videos, word searches, etc.