User benefits

  • Practice your skills and reflect on your performance through this extensive collection of cases.
  • Share ideas through a debate.

What are they

  • Situations where participants are invited to make decisions.
  • The methodology used is structured in three parts: Situation, Decision and Resolution. There is a version without solution, for use in programmes with tutors or forums / classrooms.
  • There are two versions of cases:
    • For individual use.
    • For working as a team, in a classroom or through the Synchronous Sessions.

Vídeo demo


  • In training portals as a reference and development tool.
  • In classroom sessions or Synchronous Sessions, within team meetings.
  • Inside our DP Packs.
  • As a reinforcement element in training programmes.
  • In Newsletters.


  • Large collection of themes on skills.
  • In Spanish and English.
  • SCORM format.
  • They can be developed to meet the Client's needs based on their job description and business sector.