This game has been designed to be used at different times. And it is particularly suitable for training itineraries with several learning milestones.

It has a variable number of stages which, as pointed out, suit the purpose of dividing the game into different phases within a training itinerary or program.


In a classroom training it allows the trainer to confirm the acquisition of each of the different topics taught and to immediately clarify / correct / give feedback on the questions which have been wrongly answered.

It is also used to check whether the assignments given before and after the classroom training have been done and understood.

Also for customers (marketing) regarding sports, or others, sponsored by the company.

  • Individual or in teams.
  • Variable number of stages.
  • It contains game variables such as mountain classifications, intermediate sprints, punctures, collapses or fueling… which help to boost the game.
  • Specific questions can be assigned to each stage or even to each of the villages riders pass through during a stage.
  • There is a question bag. The ones answered correctly are discarded and will not come up again.
  • Customizable theme.