Characteristics and Exploitation

  • Profiles of those it is addressed to: Sales representatives and call centre services (sales, technical services, etc.).
  • Exploitation: Individual work (the participant plays solo) with individual or group results. As reinforcement to in-person programmes, or for use in Communities 2.0. Or within a classroom programme.
  • The simulator is built on a decision tree scheme, where a client raises a situation and then the participant must choose the best answer.
  • Once the answer is chosen, s/he receives feedback and gets points. And the client replies, but his/her comment will be different based on the answer of the participant.
  • After several iterations, the participant can achieve the sought goal, partially or completely.
  • Different simulators can be built for different groups working independently in the same period of time.

Objectives sought

  • Working on the communication with clients.
  • Assessing participants before and / or after training.
  • Knowing which areas or aspects must be strengthened.
  • Working on the sales pitch.
  • Generating motivational dynamics making participants strive to learn a specific content.
  • Strengthening the launch of new products or services, marketing campaigns, etc.

By participating in a Conversations simulator game, the participant will endeavour to learn in order to 'win' in the game.