The objective of Passport are:

A) Managing the commitment of participants during the journey, encouraging an active and quality work.

B) Managing participants' commitments to improve and connecting this with their manager and with their improvement and performance evaluation.

Methodological structure

  • Passport: It's the "game". A company may have several passports (different groups).
  • Itinerary: A game may consist of several itineraries.
  • Destination: Milestones to achieve in an itinerary.
  • Administrator: Defines the variables and rules of the game. User maintenance.

Users win based on their activity and quality of their work (Adjustable to customer preference):

  • Points: For automatic actions. For actions assessed by the tutor.
  • Achievements: Activities (extra) in the milestone.
  • Stamps: Milestones to achieve in an itinerary.


  • Mentors: Tutors that energize an itinerary.
  • Users: Participants in the itinerary.
  • Groups: Participants may belong to different groups.