Test your memory with this classic game.

The Memory game can be applied to companies in various sectors. In this game, they will have to associate concepts related to their activity.

There are several screens with different levels 1, 2, 3, 4. As each level is passed, a key is obtained unlocking the lock that takes you to the next level.

At the top, what you are winning will be displayed: points, emblems, challenges and missions.

In each level you will find pairs of sheets. By clicking on each of them, they will unfold for a few seconds. Remember them well because you will have to find their corresponding partner.

When you have found them all, you will move to the next level which will be more complicated.

Solve a mission: Before completing the level, you are given the possibility to solve a mission and thus get more points. You have the option to solve it or continue the game without doing this.
There will be 2 types of missions: a question with multiple answers or, joining couples by dragging.

Emblem: While you are coupling the pairs, you can also obtain an emblem.

Challenge another user: You can challenge other users that are online. You can send an email to those who are not online, proposing a date and time. The challenged user is free to accept or not without this affecting his/her score.