User benefits

  • To know and understand the different leadership roles.
  • To have a thorough understanding of the role by a well-known business leader.
  • To reflect on your own behavior when faced with certain situations or dynamics of the company that require that leadership style.


  • In Director’s Portal, as a reference and development tool.
  • As a piece in remote/blended leadership itineraries.
  • As a forum for internal debate.
  • To reinforce in-class training.
  • On Director’s newsletters.

What are they

  • A description of the different leadership roles (as a strategist, as a developer of his team, as a change manager,…)
  • Initiatives to put in place to increase role adoption.


  • Delivered in different formats
  • Can be adapted to each customer base don their Leadership Model.
  • Spanish and English. Other languages available on demand.