Based on the Snakes and Ladders game, a type of Goose game. The player needs to land on the final space in less than X moves. Unlike the other games presented here, this game is compatible with SCORM and can be published in a LMS platform.


It is used as a backup in trainings and to certify the knowledge about a specific area (i.e. regulatory issues such as LOPD, PRL, MIFID,…).


  • The administrative management of users and logs obtained is made through the customer’s LMS itself.
  • Challenge: To land on the final field without exceeding a predetermined number of moves. Errors are penalized by moving the counter back several fields.
  • Individual. It can not be played in teams.
  • Customizable itinerary and image.
  • It has ‘special’ fields to move forward or backwards.
  • Very competitive cost.
  • Different avatars, depending on the sector.