Empresa saludable

This game pursues to improve the food habits on your employees. It provides guidance that help them take care of their health and well-being, reduce their stress, and improve their productivity.


Companies are more and more taking an active role on the well-being of their employees. By providing the best possible working conditions to them, engagement and productivity increases.

  • Individual or in teams.
  • It contains game variables such as benefit and hazard fields, getting wildcards (to change a question), determining whether answering incorrectly allows to continue travelling along the game board or whether it launches another question, option of losing points and how many, etc.
  • There is a question bag. The ones answered correctly are discarded and will not come up again. The ones missed go back to the bag.
  • Game duration is around 20-25 minutes and it is played either in one go, or one can leave it and come back later to the same point where he was.
  • Statistics provided (i.e. % correct answer for each question.