User benefits

It helps participants understand how they are, how they perceive others and, in turn, how they are perceived by others; why they get on better or worse with other colleagues within a team, and how they respond to stressful situations. And what they can do to change their behaviour.


  • In working teams.
  • In projects.
  • In commercial situations with valuable customers.
  • In role transition programmes to directives and pre-management positions as leading factor.

What is it?

Colors is a Disc or Insights relations model, which aims to help develop and strengthen relations between people in project teams, working teams or with customer.


Colors has different operating options. a) Colors simulator: Allows us understanding the different model profiles, with which the participant is identified and why they work well or not with other people (in other colors) b) Individual debriefing questionnaire (in person or online) with a duration of 30-45' with an expert consultant. c) In person where the model to operate team issues, conflicts, projects, sales, ... is used.